Jack of all, master of most.


Since the advent of home internet 20+ years ago, I've been creating digital content and media. My first site was made on Geocities, featuring low-res banners, a hit counter, and photos of Boba Fett. To this day, I enjoy being hands-on in digital design and creation on all levels. And Boba Fett remains the best Star Wars character.

I've worked in operational, analytical and customer-facing roles for innovative New York-based software companies, including digital publishing giant Squarespace

I knock out quick wins first, improve processes and lines of communication, and help set groundwork for product and team-changing initiatives. Present me with your greatest problem, and I return with fact-based solutions. I get it done.

Whether you'd like to work together independently or bring me onto your team, I live to bring ideas to fruition.

In 2017, I'm focused on learning MEAN stack frontend development. More simply, I want to create meaningful solutions for everyday problems, using web and mobile application technology. I feel I can make an impact on areas like learning technologies, reduction of food waste, and automated or predictive systems, specifically through in-home devices.

In my freer time, I'm flexing creative muscle designing with Wolffs & Amans, having my mind blown by re-targeting and other fancy digital marketing methods, and freelance writing, if only to hear one person say "this helped me."

If you're looking for a powerful organizational asset - who happens to be a totally chill team player - take a look at my résumé below and let's talk.

- JW


Josh Wolff
Boulder, CO

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