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CSS3 - EXCEL - HTML5 - Javascript - SQL - UI Wireframing


AUTOMATION - Data Analysis - PRODUCT MANAGEMENT - Project/Program Management - Smoothies




2015 - CURRENT

I founded Wolffs & Amans Creative as an agency representing individuals, micro-businesses and brands with cohesive digital strategy and brand development, without laboring over the process.

W&A combines my recent experience building small brands with a lifelong love of design and consumer psychology. I believe in strategy-first decisions and development, keeping processes and projects simple, and focusing full effort on simple messages and strong aesthetic.

While a brand and design agency currently, I plan to expand into mobile and web application development in 2017.



2010 - 2011, 2013 - 2015

My start with Squarespace began as a customer, so I was thrilled to begin as a remote customer service agent working in Portland, Oregon. I decided to relocate to New York City, and having been inspired by their level of service sought a leadership position at another SaaS company, ShoutEm. I remained close with my Squarespace friends in SoHo.

I returned to leadership at Squarespace in 2013 and developed operational and data-centered initiatives that helped our team of 50 scale to 200 employees across two continents in one year. In 2014, I was named global operations manager for our CS team, and led training, scheduling, and technical initiatives that helped grow our team to 350+. After completing a major research project on customer contact language and self-help contact workflows, my last project was to see this implemented as it currently lives.

My goals at Squarespace were to automate our global team metrics and create funnels for the customer voice to reach the product teams, showing us undisputedly where improvements can be made. I achieved these goals with the help of brilliant teams and key relationship building between technical departments, such as business intelligence and engineering.



2011 - 2013

Croatian-based Shoutem gave me the opportunity to explore many roles in early-stage growth, while exposing me to mobile application development at the height of its expansion.

After arriving in NYC in 2011, I helped pitch our product at demo, VC, and alumni nights, while managing all sales and customer relationships during the day. I implemented our CX software, developed bug-reporting workflows, and managed social and content marketing initiatives. My daily interaction with developers, including our founders, taught me how to manage technical relationships and make technical requests. Creatively, I was able to design app assets and write content designed to inform the industry about mobile growth and innovation.

My goal at Shoutem was simply to soak up as much of the early-stage experience as I could, and feel the wins and pains of this time period. I felt incredibly close to our team despite the distance.


xrock, kddx-fm

2005 - 2010

I began my on-air career on XROCK (KDDX-FM), starting as an intern for local morning legends Murdoc Jones and Kevin Morgan.

At XROCK, I worked all on-air shifts, including numerous number one, talk-centered morning shows and music-heavy afternoon shows. I was responsible for the technical operation, advertising fulfillment, and public appearance duties related to our show. I was also responsible for the programming of our show playlists, whether our Program Director and boss Jim knew it or not. Sorry Jim.

My goal at XROCK was to learn about music promotion and production, while working with advertising accounts to bring customers to their business' doorstep.


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Personal Projects


brb, traveling.

2015 - 2016

brb, traveling. was a travel brand experiment to test design, social and content marketing strategies while my partner and I traveled the world.

Our goal was to inspire others in technology to use their PTO, sabbaticals and even exit plans to dream big and leave their comfort zones and explore. We did this through frequent Instagram updates, long-form blog posts, Snapchat Stories and more. As a brand-building exercise, it gave me a platform to develop a mission and execute its full aesthetic direction.