My name is Josh Wolff
and I'd love an opportunity to work with you
as a Digital Project Manager.



I appreciate your insightful blog posts, I hope your advice works for me!
Did your Star Wars "Show and Tell" ever happen?
I would show everyone Boba Fett, and tell them he was THE BEST.



Congrats on your first Viget blog post!
My whiskey is Bulleit Rye, and it doesn't help with my handstands.
I don't love the outdoors at all .


Friends, I will help Viget
complete its missions.

If you’re a creative problem solver, a passionate learner, and fantastic communicator that’s looking for a career in the tech industry, Digital Project Management is worth considering.
— Kelly Kenny - "Six Clues You’d Be a Great Digital Project Manager"

You're looking for... 

A web-veteran who can communicate effectively with developers across the stack, especially in an agile environment. These communication methods involve translating ideas into easily digestible formats like wireframes, workflows and user testing opportunities.

This person is product-driven, but client-centered. They'd build the scaffolding that upholds the end-user to stakeholder relationship. If issues were to arise, their attentiveness and technical ability would carry them toward a swift resolution for all parties.

In the end, they'd complete the project efficiently, and celebrate the client's win as a team.

From a culture standpoint, you prefer motivated, multi-faceted rock stars who enjoy a healthy team environment. Their idea of competition is internalized through personal drive to test knowledge and limits.

They pet all dogs.

My Experience Shows...

The web is my passion, and I've been creating digital content, sites, and applications, for 20 years.  I believe strongly in agile and MVP philosophies, and have worked and consulted for SaaS companies using those environments.

Most recently, my role was as a global Customer Care Operations Manager at Squarespace. There I acted as Program and Project Manager for our team's top initiatives; Projects that matched the scale of Viget's needs. 

In that role, I overseeing the implementation of systems and processes that scaled a team from 50 to 350, across three time zones and two continents. 

My formal relationship with executive, engineering, and business intelligence teams helped develop global team and individual KPI dashboards, create data-driven hiring profiles for large recruiting campaigns, and establishing self-help initiatives which reduced inbound contact volume by 30%.

I pet all dogs.


You want a storyteller.

A detail driven, "five-tool player" who can tell you if the Zebra in this stock image are fighting or playing, while sweating that this orange background isn't transparent enough.

"Definitely playing. I can tell from the detailed Zebra research my team did."
  - Me


Life's a project.

  • I started Wolffs & Amans, an agency for micro-biz and creatives.
  • Am learning pure Javascript, preparing to build my own MVPs
  • Obsessed with social advertising and targeting models.
  • I bake, and share my dough-children with the office.
  • Can write good. Copy.

Viget, you solve big problems.

You have fun doing it.

Sounds like home.


I'd love 30 minutes of your time to discuss the ways I can help Viget grow.

Thanks for your time and consideration!
- Josh