Another amazing, transitional year started me in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, before returning to the States in February.

A long, slow goodbye to New York City saw me off to Boulder, Colorado to rest and work on projects like the site and story you're reading now. I spent the summer leaping from peak to peak in the Colorado Rockies, traversing the vast redness that is Southern Utah, and seeing my college roommate tie the knot on Victoria, B.C.'s Hornby Island.

After a restful summer, if you'd consider the above restful, I'm putting my full energy back into my professional life, preparing for a year of entrepreneurial bliss in 2017.



The start of the year brought a close to major goals I'd had for our team and its future. After a getaway through Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia, I decided to begin my professional life anew and created my own brand agency.

I'd worked hard since I was 14, so I took the summer to rest, learn programming, and enjoy NYC's museums. If there was a perfect time to explore, it was then, so why not the world?

My partner and I departed in October for some serious travel. Beginning with New Zealand's entirety, we moved to Australia's Gold Coast and onto welcoming Malaysia. We hopped around Thailand and enjoyed Christmas and New Year's Eve in Chiang Mai.



A year of increasing professional intensity was punctuated by moments of the best Europe has to offer.

We landed in the midst of Norway's 200th year as a nation, dazed but enjoying the revelry. Our tour brought us through the fjords near Bergen, to Copenhagen and Denmark's palatial countryside, and finally to überhip and familiar Berlin.

Work brought me to Dublin, Ireland often, and we celebrated Squarespace's first year in Dublin in Christ Church Cathedral's crypt.