MY Passion

It's my goal to live a full life. Full of creative pursuits, of travel, and of the outdoors.

If I had my way, I'd make my living shooting photos and writing, hopping around the globe for a few months here and there. It's a common dream—one I'm thankful to already have lived. The bug is real.

Colorado, though, is America's great paradise. I'm fortunate to call it home. Aside from its obvious natural beauty, life here is easy and Boulder an inspiring city. If I'm not in the mountains, I'm riding Boulder's paths to the next coffee date, or to get fresh ingredients for legendary home-cooked dinners.

I've found a return to the passions I spent time honing as a child.

I've always made music, and am finally reunited with the entirety of my equipment after twenty years of collecting it. My high school songwriting partner, Mike, lives close by.

Through photography, I'm able to enjoy and share the world as my muse. It combines my love of nature with encouragement for others to see it for themselves.

Design allows me this platform to share myself and my story with the world. It also allows me to give to my community, by telling yours.