Hello, I'm Josh wolff.

We all love a good story, especially our own. Why then, do we let our pens lay dry next to empty notebooks? 

The world deserves our sequels.  We seldom take time to share what we've accomplished, seen, and dreamed with the world. This must change for all of us, and certainly had to change for me.

In the summer of 2015, I left New York City, my friends at Squarespace, and the abundant comforts of a stable life to travel the Southeast quarter of the world.

If I couldn't find my new story, it would find me.

I listened to surreal birdsong, hiking through New Zealand's archaic forests. Sampled every bit of Malaysia's true melting pot of foods and people. Became quite sick and skipped Myanmar. Celebrated Christmas with Thai dinner, followed by fireworks over "The Final Countdown". Sipped smoothies and got a manicure through a planned power outage in Cambodia. Held hands over rocks, giggling with our Hmong guide through Vietnam's foggy rice terraces.

They were right: it changes you. Inspiration is all around, but it's up to us to pull it from the air and create something beautiful.

So here I am.

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