I can't live without these things.


The Outdoors

My first mountains were the Black Hills of South Dakota. I was a four-year-old child of the prairie, which has its own rolling beauty, but the thick pine forest demanded exploration. Snakeskin and pinecones lined rocky trails. We dipped our toes in clear, cool water. My best pre-K estimate was the canyon cliffs rose for miles. Hooked.

I'm fortunate to have traveled to, and lived amongst the most stunning scenery on Earth. Trekking over New Zealand's active volcanoes, laughing with our Hmong guide through northern Vietnam's terraced rice fields and ascending Colorado's tallest Rockies are among my favorite experiences thus far.

As an amateur nature photographer, I appreciate both the grand and microcosmic elements of our diverse world. Share my passion for the beauty of the outdoors in my photography gallery.


St. Louis Cardinals Baseball

After moving to St. Louis when I was four, my parents took an early liking to the Cardinals during their '87 World Series run. Over the years, my parents took me to games, to player appearances at grocery stores and car dealerships, and instilled in me a love for Doubleday's near-perfect game of Baseball. I caught and played first, like my defensive heroes Tom Pagnozzi and Mark McGwire.

When I left at nine, it was with a deep love for the history and winning ethos of the Cardinals franchise. To this day you'll find me on the couch for 90% of their games on MLB.tv, or at the local NL ballpark for their away games.

Go Cardinals!


Severe Weather

As people glue themselves to television, I obsess over weather radar. I see in pink-red-yellow-green, in fronts, and CAPE. Growing up on the plains, you watch thunderstorms build in the distance as they silently barrel toward you, preternaturally cold air marking their arrival. To me, there's nothing more beautiful. Where most would seek shelter, my reaction as a young adult was to drive as close as possible without incurring hail damage.

I live in the foothills Colorado, where the nation's largest storms are born and cast upon the plains. As I continue to study the intricacies of U.S. weather patterns, It's my goal to share how it all works in a way the layperson can understand.



Since I can remember, music has been a part of my life. One of my earliest memories is being strapped into the backseat on a night drive, looking at the stars and listening to Stevie Wonder's "I Just Called To Say I Love You." Thanks to an eclectic record collection and diverse musical taste, my parents fed me a diet of the best the 60's, 70's and 80's had to offer.

As I grew, I branched out on my own, obsessing over early 90's hip-hop and R&B. They sat me in front of a piano, and my teachers grew to understand I wasn't interested in sight-reading. Since pianos weren't portable, nor punk/metal, I purchased a Peavy Raptor and Rage 158 amp with money from my first job. I was going to be a rock star. In the subsequent years, however, I gave up the ghost to climb ladders. The man had won.

Or had he... Today, I'm reunited with all my equipment for the first time since I was a teenager, and am loving my DIY studio. I'm looking forward to see where the sum of my influences over the past 10 years will take my work. 

I'm currently working on an album, tentatively titled Middle, due in late Spring 2017.